Where does the Wright opinion come from?

Why, from me, Brendan Wright. I’m a freelance editor and a longtime comics fan from Portland, Oregon, the town that is likely second only to New York as the comics-heaviest city in America and the home of Oni Press, part of Top Shelf (where I am a former intern), Cellar Door, Dark Horse (where I am a former editor), and probably others. I honed my critical skills while earning my film degree at the University of Southern California, but have turned them on comics, my first artistic love.

Working in comics should be enough, but I’m always reading and always thinking, so this site is my extra outlet for comics talk. From July 2007 until August 2008, the Wright Opinion was a semi-regular repository for my comics reviews and interviews, plus the occasional essay. From September 2008 to August 2015 I worked at Dark Horse, first as an assistant editor and working my way up to full editor, and during that time I posted a lot less. Now I am freelance, having done additional work for Dark Horse in that capacity, as well as for Image and Heavy Metal, with more coming. Obviously, I won’t be reviewing books I am in any way involved in or by comics writers or artists I have relationships with.

Not really sure what this page is for right now, to be honest. Some essays on editing are forthcoming, and past that we’ll see. Maybe non-comics stuff; who knows. Naturally, as this is the Wright Opinion, all opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of anyone I  work with.



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